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Monkey Joe was the first squirrel with whom Doreen Green communicated when she was ten years old. They became friends after Doreen saved Monkey Joe from being chased by a dog, and the little squirrel subsequently encouraged Doreen to use her powers to help people. When she grew up, Doreen became Squirrel Girl.[1]

Monkey Joe helped her to defeat Doctor Doom during her first outing as a superhero when she was fourteen years old.[2] The duo later joined the Great Lakes Avengers, with Squirrel Girl making certain that Monkey Joe was an official member.

Gene Lorrene (Earth-616) and Monkey Joe (Earth-616) from G.L.A

Leather Boy squishes Monkey Joe

Monkey Joe met his demise at the hands of Leather Boy, an ex-GLA member kicked out for not actually having any powers, who attacked the team disguised as Doctor Doom.[3]

After his death, Squirrel Girl found a new squirrel companion named Tippy Toe and gave her a pink bow.[4] Tippy Toe mimics Monkey Joe's role as Squirrel Girl's sidekick. To honor him, Doreen would sometimes wear a pendant with the initials MJ on it around her neck.

Monkey Joe was seen playing cards with the rest of the fallen GLA members when Doorman briefly visited the after-life. He seemed very bitter about his demise and less forgiving than the other deceased members.


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Monkey Joe seemed to possess an understanding of computers.


Direct pressure to his entire body.


  • In 2005, Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe were revived from obscurity for their first ever miniseries written by Dan Slott.
  • Monkey Joe's death was part of a marketing promise that a member of the GLA would die in each issue of the miniseries, as a parody to comic book deaths.
  • Monkey Joe also served as a comedic commentator for the GLA miniseries. A cartoony version of him appeared alongside the story holding signs with humorous, often smart-ass, remarks on the events of the story. After his death in issue #3, the narration circle showed a deceased Monkey Joe hanging lifeless. His presence in the narrator circle continued in issue #4, however he now possessed a halo.
  • The trade paperback of the GLA miniseries is dedicated to the memory of Monkey Joe, and reads "Monkey Joe 1992-2005. He loved nuts. He will be missed."

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