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After the Avengers were killed by the Absorbing Man, Tony Stark was commissioned by Norman Osborn to create robots to help protect US interests. Stark created the Iron Avengers, robots based on each of the Avengers that Absorbing Man killed. One based on Henry Pym was modeled after his Goliath persona. The original Pym-inspired Iron Avenger was programmed with Pym's personality, however it was destroyed defending New York from the Skull and his invading army.

Following the Skull's defeat, and Stark's death, King Britain decreed that the Iron Avengers would live again. Using their original design, Britain would have his technicians build an army of Iron Avengers. Although lacking independent personalities they were seemingly identical to Stark's originals. The ones based on the Pym model were dubbed Monolith.

A Monolith robot would defend Buckingham Palace when it was attacked by the Tong of Creel seeking to reclaim a portion of Absorbing Man's body which was left under King Britain's care. Later when Black Knight was sent out to the Savage Land to investigate why the Human Torch there went out, he took an army of Iron Men with him, including a Monolith robot. The Monolith, along with the others robots would be taken under the control of the Toad (who had swapped powers with Magneto.)

An entire army of Iron Men (including many Monolith models) were used to counter attack Toad, and after Magneto's powers were restored, these Monolith robots would also aid in battling the revived Absorbing Man.

A Monolith robot also was present during the wedding of King Britain and Medusa.

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