The Scavenger was created by the Mad Thinker.[2]

During the encounter with the Fantastic Four, the android fell to the Negative Zone.[3]

The android, unable to identify any target, shut down. Annihilus found it, took it and modified it to get a new minion, the Scavenger,[4] which he used against the Fantastic Four several times.[5]

After an event involving Annhilus and the Four,[6] the Scavenger stole Annihilus' cosmic control rod, eager to live. The rod indeed gave him life and power, usurping Annihilus kingdom. Annihilus even allied with the Fantastic Four to repel the creature. The monster was then summoned to Earth by the Mad Thinker but, once there, the monster refused to yield and started a rampage at the Baxter Building. At seeing this, the Thinker escaped. The Fantastic Four defeated the monster by removing the cosmic control rod, but it was stolen from them before they could turn in back to Annihilus.[4]

Somehow recovering the android or replicating it, the Thinker kept the Android on hold in his headquarters. The Thinker then started a plot using Iron Man as a controlled pawn against MODOK, but MODOK unpredictably defeated Iron Man. When MODOK attacked the Thinker's lair using his humanoid armor and with Iron Man in his grasp, the Thinker activated his Android to fight MODOK, but MODOK defeated the android. However, during the fight, the Thinker had taken a chance to replace himself and Iron Man with copycat androids.[7] Later, the Thinker sent the Android again against Iron Man, but Iron Man defeated it with a fast punch before the android could do anything.[8]

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