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Deep under Earth-61610's Manhattan in the Kingdom of Manhattan was the Monster Metropolis, a domain inhabited by an assortment of monsters and supernatural creatures, such as it's governor, Baron Dracula, and his Howling Commandos which consisted of Frankenstein's Monster, Invisible Man, Man-Thing, Marcus the Centaur, N'Kantu the Living Mummy, and Werewolf by Night.

In the reality that this Monster Metropolis originated from, Deadpool was defeated and killed by Dracula in his battle for Shiklah's hand in matrimony, as Dracula cheated by using his powers.

After discovering Invisible Man was a traitor in their ranks, the Howling Commandos, under Governor Dracula's orders, executed him and were sent to guard the bodies of Shiklah's bothers, who were killed by Governor Dracula. To see her brothers one last time before their bodies are cremated, Shiklah used Medusa's head to petrify the Howling Commandos and proceeded to see their bodies. While mourning her brothers, Shiklah reached to their vestments and found the Sceptre of the Manticore and a map with the location of the headpiece of the sceptre. As the sceptre was useless without its headpiece, Shiklah decided to go to search for it so she could use it against Baron Dracula to avenge her brothers' death. Shiklah told Governor Dracula she must deliver her brothers ashes to the River Styx so their souls wouldn't haunt and curse them. Governor Dracula then gave her seven days to do it and return to Monster Metropolis in time for their wedding. In the trail to Hell, Dracula sent his Howling Commandos to escort Shiklah and gave Werewolf by Night a mission: to get rid of Shiklah.[1]

Dracula was warned by the Thor Corps, which had Thor versions of Blade and Lizard among them, to quell the dissent amongst his people or else they will have to intervene. After delivering Shiklah's brothers' ashes to the River Styx and fighting their way through Hell, the Howling Commandos came clean and revealed Dracula's orders, but also that they were working against him as well. The Invisible Man wasn't truly dead and was now spying on Baron Dracula while the rest of the Commandos accompanied Shiklah.[2]

The ghost of Earth-616's Deadpool, who had been watching the events that transpired in this domain for a while, joined Shiklah's journey; however, only Frankenstein's Monster could detect his presence. Shiklah and the Howling Commandos proceeded to cross a portal that took them to the most dangerous place of Battleworld: Weirdworld, where the Temple of the Manticore was located. After hours trying to find the way to the temple, Shiklah and the Howling Commandos finally made it and acquired the headpiece of the sceptre, the Totem of the Manticore. Afterwards, the Living Mummy teleported them back to Monster Metropolis, where Dracula, who was driven mad by the Invisible Man, was attacking anyone he considered a betrayer.[3]

The Howling Commandos helped Shiklah confront Dracula and his subordinates, and at the same time fought for the control of the Sceptre of the Manticore. After most of the Howling Commandos were killed, Dracula's forces were able to subdue both Shiklah and the Sceptre of the Manticore. Deadpool used the abilities of his ghostly form to possess the body of Dracula's servant, Joshua, and threw the Sceptre at Shiklah, which she used to kill Dracula. Shiklah proceeded to convince the inhabitants of Monster Metropolis to invade the world from above and conquer the planet. Shiklah also finally noticed Deadpool's ghost, who warned her not to confront the upper world, but Shiklah dismissed him. As Shiklah prepared to attack the surface, the Thor Corps arrived, having taken notice of Dracula and Shiklah's showdown, and quickly killed her and the army of monsters.[4]

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