This page is about two characters adapted or inspired from the same story, but that were never clearly linked to each other in comics.

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

That "toad-thing", was once the master of Earth,[2] presumably along with many other entities.

As the God With No Name, he was one of the older gods that were possibly worshiped by the Lemurians, and was possibly part of a group invoked as the "taloned lords who yet lurk in nameless gulfs".[1] It was related to Black Monoliths, who were stated to be the object of worship of an ancient fertility cult (in the Black Book).[2]

Hyborian Age

The Lemurians became the Hyrkanians, who worshiped the Living Tarim, though the God With No Name wasn't forgotten from all.

After returning to the Hyrkanian city of Makkalet, besieged by the Turanians, Conan was asked by Queen Melissandra to ride to her father's city, to request help in the war. She also gave him an armlet with strange runes (stating it would protect him). The party, led by Khurusan, was asked by the queen to perform a rite at the Black Monoliths of Xuthltan, towards the God With No Name. There, they were warned by Justin the Blind Hermit about summoning the god. The soldiers stabbed him, and the Hyrkanian leader of the party sacrificed his men, Yaar Ali and Akhaan, as well as Justin's daughter, causing the return of the monstrous toad-thing.

The thing relentlessly attacked Conan, who understood that it was drawn to the armlet. Conan consequently threw the trinket at Khurusan. The Hyrkanian caught the armlet, and was promptly attacked by the thing, that left immediately afterwards into the black smoke-whirls that manifested from the Monoliths.[1]

Modern or pre-modern age

The Black Monoliths of Xuthltan became known as the Black Stone, a single monolith, near Stregoicavar (who could be translated as "Witch Town"), in the mountains of Hungary, and was mentioned in Von Junzt's Black Book,[2] the Unausprechlichen Kulten.[3]

Allegedly, many curious came to witnessed the black monolith, and died madmen because of what they saw. None of those stories were verified, apart from the American poet Justin Geoffrey, who came to witness the Black Stone, and possibly stared at it too long, even if it was only in day-time. Geoffrey died screaming in a mad-house five years later.

Ten years later, Mr. Costigan, after having read of it in Von Junzt's book and studied Geoffrey's path, came to Stregoicavar as well, wishing to witness the Black Stone on mid-summer night. Costigan fainted, and awoke witnessing an obscene ceremony that culminated with the apparition of the toad-thing, and his devouring of a bound woman, given as sacrifice. Costigan fainted again, and believed that he had only seen a dream, but then fled in horror (though didn't fell into madness) after witnessing on the ground the toad-thing-shaped pendant of the priest.[2]

In the eyes of the thing, Conan saw the "lust, the abysmal greed, the obscene cruelty and nameless evil" that had plagued humanity from its early stages.[1]

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