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The Monsters of Badoon were super heavyweight battlefield bio-constructs used by the Brotherhood of Badoon.[1] One such creature was summoned by the Brother Royal to destroy the Silver Surfer. The monster failed in defeating the Surfer and was withdrawn with a teleportation device, by its master.[2]


The Badoon have created more of these creatures as shock troops and heavy infantry, some were used to torture Gamora when she was given to the Badoon by the Spartax.[3]

A Monster was seen as a member of the Bahamut Crime Syndicate.[4]

Alternate Realities[]


The creature known as the Monster of Badoon served the Brotherhood of Badoon leader Drang who conquered humanity in the 31st century.

It defeated the Thing, Captain America, and Sharon Carter who had been brought to this future. It was electrocuted when the Thing knocked it into a mental probe's power source that had been torn open and later knocked out by the Thing and Charlie-27.[5]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength: The Monsters possessed great strength.[2]

Laser Beam Generation: The Monsters could emit lasers from their hands.[2]


Cultural Traits

The Monsters were capable of some thought, but otherwise they were mostly obedient to their Badoon masters.[2]



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