Monstrom's spaceship crashed on Earth while crossing the universe a thousand years ago in the Bayou region of what is now the Southern United States. Unable to repair the ship himself, Monstrom placed himself in a state of suspended animation until such a time as humans would be advanced enough to help him repair his damaged vessel. Awoken by a small boy exploring the swamp, Monstrom tried to communicate with the humans, but is only capable of making guttural sounds, which the people found menacing. Considering him a monster, the people in the area almost immediately started shooting at Monstrom, trying to kill him. Monstrom, however, was immune to their rifle fire and followed the people back to town. It was there that the townspeople learned that Monstrom was afraid of fire and they used it to drive him back into the bayou. Monstrom once again sunk into the murky water to the safety of his spaceship, having discovered that humans were still too primitive and barbaric to help him. He thus returned to suspended animation to again wait for a time when mankind may have advanced beyond this primitive stage.[1]

Monstrom was among the monsters that were seen falling from the sky.[2] He then joined the other monsters into fighting the Leviathons upon Kei Kawade summoning them.[3] Kei Kawade later teleported Monstrom to Louisiana to help Old Man Logan fight the Leviathons there.[4]


Monstrom was about 20 feet tall, possessed superhuman strength, was impervious to rifle fire and seemed able to breathe underwater (or just hold his breath for a very long time). He also appeared to be extremely long-lived, having been trapped on Earth for a thousand years (though he may have had himself placed in a form of suspended animation during much of this period).


Monstrom has a fear of fire.


A spaceship (currently broken).

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