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A professional cat burglar, Monty Walsh found he'd lost his reputation after doing a stint in prison. To prove he still had it, he attempted to rob the apartment of crime boss Guido Carboni, only to be caught in the act. Shot dead by Carboni's men, Walsh was nearly dead when he was inhabited by the Uni-Power, healing his body and transforming him into the newest Captain Universe. Walsh used his newfound powers to disrupt Carboni's crime operations, earning him praise as a great superhero. However, Walsh's real intentions were to eventually kill Carboni, take over his remaining organization, and become the city's ruling mob boss. When he admitted so during a final confrontation with Carboni in his nightclub, the Uni-Power abandoned Walsh, returning him to his previous status as a mortal man dying from several gunshot wounds. The police thus found his corpse, along with Carboni now mentally unhinged by the revelation, when they arrived minutes later.[1]



None; briefly wielded the powers of the Captain Universe of Earth-616

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