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When he was defeated by the Beetle and his gang, Daredevil was brought here to the Expo '67 to be unmasked on national television. Daredevil burst free at the critical moment, battling the Beetle on live television. During the fight Foggy Nelson, who was attending the exhibit with Karen Page, lent a hand to help Daredevil, and DD managed to best the Beetle and his hired thugs before turning them over to the local police.[1]

For several years the local criminal underground was run by Deadly Ernest until his destruction at the hands of Nemesis.[2]

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New Montreal

After Robert Hagon was elected Prime Minister, he used the Hardliners to kill a significant portion of the Canadian population. Others were captured and forcibly genetically engineered. Over the course of several years, the country was transformed into a haven of super-powered individuals and peace; albeit under the control of Joshua Lord. Ironically both Lord and the Alpha Flight resistance were based in New Montreal.[3]

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