Conception & Founding

After Cat returned home to her abusive husband Derek, because she didn't prepare dinner for him before his arrival and her explaining herself sent him into a fit of rage, Derek used his exo-suit to destroy her car and scare Cat into apologizing. But after going in to order a pizza, she took his machine to get rid of him. Over the next 18 months after this incident, Cat developed and funded the idea for a community inhabited by the families and/or lovers of villains and criminals who just wanted to get away from their crap luck. Upon founding Moon's Hollow, Cat would seek out these people and bring them into her scheme of having them "kidnapped" and coerce repeated ransoms from their criminal exes.[1]

Spider-Woman's Visit

Sometime after arrivals Olivia and Kalie, the wife and daughter of low level henchman Roger Gocking the Porcupine, said criminal brought Spider-Woman's attention to the ransoms, and she followed the clues to Moon's Hollow where she discovered the town's origins. However, upon finding Roger and journalist Ben Urich, Cat took their perceived arrival as a threat, and captured them. When Spider-Woman met Cat, she was attacked and the two brawled in the open streets. The townsfolk tried to stop Cat to help Spider-Woman talk her down, reaching a peaceful resolution. Spider-Woman and Ben agreed never to divulge the true origins about the town to the world, so as to give the residents the peace they sought, so long as they refrained from all criminal enterprises.[1]

Fall Festival

Over a year after Spider-Woman's visit, the town celebrated its Fall Festival. Many residents welcomed Jessica Drew, back to see their town's progress, with lucrative legitimate businesses and Cat turning her old manor into a bed and breakfast.[2]


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