Moon-Boy was a member of the Moon Clan, a group of early humans that worshiped the Moon. When the Celestials tried to manipulate the genetics of humanity, in order to turn them into antibodies for the Celestial embryo they implanted into the Earth, they obscured the Moon, prompting Moon-Boy and his people to flee, meaning they were one of the few races of humanity that were not manipulated by the Celestials to either become Eternals, Deviants, or humans with the potential for mutation. Moon-Boy and his tribe would subsequently become hunted by other tribes of humanity.[1]

Their numbers would be greatly reduced and they would ultimately seek refuge in the Canadian wilderness. There, through centuries of natural evolution, the descendants of the Moon People would develop the ability to exude three bone claws from each hand, develop acute senses, and a healing factor that would allow them to recover from injury or disease at an accelerated rate. One of Moon-Boy's descendants would eventually become the costumed hero Wolverine.[2]


Seemingly those of the Moon-Boy of Earth-78411.

Unlike on Earth-78411, which is an alternate reality from Earth-616, the adventures of Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur apparently happened during Earth-9997's prehistoric era. If the past adventures of Moon-Boy mirror Earth-78411 is unknown, since Earth-9997 is ultimately a divergence of Earth-616, although the exact point of divergence is unknown; Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur's adventures in the modern era remain unexplained.

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