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When the Celestials arrived on Earth, they assumed that breeding and generational equalization would merely spread out the seed from those who were first manipulated by them. However, the Celestials were wrong and didn’t consider early belief systems and superstitions. They didn’t consider what they would be perceived as. One race saw the newly created Moon as a God of sorts. They worshiped it and sought its wisdom when it was full. The Celestials' ship blocked their sight of this ascended savior, and therefore the Celestials became their enemies, and those who had contact with them. Some of the primitives escaped the Celestials' experiments and distanced themselves from those advanced by the Celestials. They hid in the woodlands. In the shadows and forests. However, since these moon-worshipers were not ‘chosen’ of the Gods they were seen as less than human.

So they became the hunted and prejudice was born on Earth. The seed, through dormant added to the aggression of the early experimental humans. They tended to be sickly and to have shorter live-spans adding to the prejudice to the Moon Tribe. They never learned English because it was not required, was not necessary for their continued adaptation. The feuds and hunts went on for hundreds of thousands of years. Those born to the Clan of the Moon remained in the wilderness, and adapted to a world that became more aggressive towards them. The Moon Clan were not the only ones not affected by the Celestials, their natural enemies, the Bear Clan, also managed to escape experimentation by the Celestials. They are the genetic step between primitive mankind and modern humanity. Sometimes when the Celestial seed was triggered, whether it was through radiation, puberty, some strange mineral or a result of cannibalism. The mutation would take the form of Reversion to what mankind was before the Celestial genetic tampering.

This ancient clan was the one who rescued Sasquatch and Guardian from certain death as they were being pursued by an army of Wendigos. The Clan took them back to their homes and their residence became a base for countless heroes as they planned to retake back the Torches and free Earth. Even one of the members of the tribe gave up his body willingly to Guardian as his original body was destroyed so he could be the leader he once was.



All members of the Moon Clan posses bone claws that they gained through natural evolution

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