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Moon Girl's Suit consists of boxing headgear, goggles, suspenders, a computerized utility belt, backpack, assorted weaponry, a special pair of roller-skates, and numerous other gadgets. It was built by Lunella Lafayette, in her secret laboratory beneath Public School 20 Anna Silver, to assist her in liberating Devil Dinosaur from the custody of the Department of Dinosaur Control.

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The retractable roller-skates are retrofitted with springs, which extend to allow the nine-year-old to stand at a height of roughly twenty feet; meanwhile, the backpack houses a rear-mounted rotor, providing for sustained flight, and the suit also includes offensive capabilities, such as a spring-loaded boxing glove, amongst other armaments.[1]


  • All of the various contraptions, which augment the suit's overall function and design, were engineered by Lunella herself despite her youth and limited resources.[2]

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