Quote1.png I am General Pad-Varr. Among you is an Inhuman traitor, wanted by the Kree Empire. I have come to your planet to remove her... let none dare stand in my way. Quote2.png
-- General Pad-Varr

Appearing in "Cosmic Cooties - Part Six of Six: Unrequited"

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Synopsis for "Cosmic Cooties - Part Six of Six: Unrequited"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis


• LUNELLA LAFAYETTE has a big role to play in the Marvel Universe. It’s going to shock everyone... except her!

• BUT FIRST she needs to put Kid Kree in his place while defending herself from an alien attack force.

• AND THEN win the SCIENCE FAIR while swapping brains with a 30-foot T. Rex not known for his smarts.

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