When the criminal group led by Smelt and Lupinar was harassed by Moon Knight, they researched about the later and discovered the Knight's secret identity as mercenary Marc Spector. Suspecting that Spector would infiltrate in the terrorist unit they themselves have controlled, they sent one of their minions, a person called Franco, disguised as the Moon Knight, to meet the terrorists and kill Spector. When he did, however, Spector took the initiative and jumped on Franco, making the terrorists assume that the (false) Moon Knight was an enemy. The terrorists opened fire on both Spector and Franco, apparently killing them both; however, Spector survived unscathed, only pretending to be dead, and retook his masked identity.

Soon after, Spector entered Smelt's mansion and Smelt initially believed he was in front of Franco. The Moon Knight took the chance to batter Smelt.


The Moon Knight impersonator tried to attack Spector in close combat, suggesting some skill in that kind of fighting. He was riddled before he could end the combat or use any weapon.

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