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Seven women gather in a room, at a club meeting. One woman describes her experience with a serial rapist, Will Dean, who gave her a drink that knocked her out and how the next morning she woke up, beaten and bruised. She tried to find him using Google but the name was incredibly common. She found him in a restaurant and attacked him, but he acted like it hadn't happened and she got taken in by the police. A second woman then explains that she had met a surgeon named Dean Charles and went to a movie with him on a date. After the third date she invited him to her apartment, and he drugged her drink and did the same that he did to the first woman. The second woman woke up and tried to commit suicide by jumping off of her apartment building, but Moon Knight caught her and swore to catch the rapist. A third woman then talks about how she met a cowboy named Charlie Williams. He bought her dinner and then they left the restaurant after the first woman attacked him. He bought her a drink, drugged it, and they were walking home when Moon Knight found them. She tased Moon Knight and then the drug kicked i and she fell asleep to Moon Knight stabbing the rapist with the taser. She woke up in her own room, unharmed. The second woman then adds in how she found the rapist in the hospital, after being badly beaten by Moon Knight. She unplugged his life support and cut off his oxygen, effectively him.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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