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Quote1.png I'm ready for it now, Jean-Paul, truly ready. I've made the break. If the fates are kind, we will meet again in ten days ... and we will be together for a much longer time to come. Quote2.png
Isabelle Kristel

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Synopsis for "To Catch a Killer"

Following an increase in cocaine traffic, Moon Knight breaks up a drug deal beneath a Manhattan bridge. He tells the two men he's only interested in "the big boy." One of them, named Creed, attacks Moon Knight with surprising strength and then flees. Moon Knight knocks the other into the river and calls Frenchie to pick him up, dismissing the two crooks as "strictly small fry."

Back at Grant's mansion, Moon Knight changes to Steven Grant. A woman arrives, looking for Marc Spector. Grant (who is also Spector) learns her name is Isabelle Kristel and summons Frenchie—she is Frenchie's true love. She leaves a package with him for safekeeping. In ten days she will return for it and for him.

After she leaves, Frenchie tells Marlene what happened. Long ago he and Kristel had an affair in France, but the strength of their passion frightened Kristel. She left him to find herself and to forget. Frenchie also tried to forget by becoming a mercenary. They met once more, in Africa, where she was working for "an agency of the French government" and aiding a rebellion.

Six days later they learn that Kristel has been murdered. Frenchie opens the package, which contains $250,000 in cash. The box is from Ritter's in New Orleans.

Jake Lockley (who is also Grant) investigates. According to Crawley, "Cajun" Creed killed her for failing to deliver a shipment of cocaine. Lockley deduces that she traced the cocaine pipeline from France to New Orleans, went undercover in Creed's outfit, and delivered a shipment to New York. She took the payoff to Frenchie, intending to wrap up the case, quit her job, and keep the money as a nest egg. Frenchie swears revenge. Mardi Gras, in two weeks, will make excellent cover.

Cajun Creed does a bench press

Once in New Orleans, they disguise themselves: Frenchie as a pirate, and Moon Knight as Moon Knight. Eventually Frenchie finds Creed in a bar in the French Quarter—on a bet he is holding a bench over his head, with four women sitting on the bench. Frenchie steps up behind him and says, "Creed—Isabelle sends her love." Creed drops the bench.

Out on the street, Moon Knight sees Frenchie and Creed burst out of the bar. He throws a crescent dart to disarm Creed. Creed throws Moon Knight into a crowd and flees. A clown keeps Moon Knight from pursuing, but after some persuasion says that Creed's lair is a warehouse at Ursulines and Rampart. Frenchie has overhead the info, because he is gone when Moon Knight turns around.

Moon Knight finds the warehouse and, inside, crates full of cocaine. Frenchie confronts Creed but is surprised by a confederate, who shoots him. Moon Knight drops the confederate with his truncheon and goes after Creed. Now prepared for Creed's strength, Moon Knight dodges a few blows, but Creed catches him in a bear hug from behind and squeezes. Unable to break the hold, Moon Knight uses a double-barrelled over-the-shoulder punch.

The fight goes out of Creed. He confesses that things happened exactly as Lockley figured. He caught Kristel on her way to the French Embassy and tortured her for five days. All she would say was that was planning to retire with Frenchie. Moon Knight is about to punch him when Frenchie puts a hand on his arm and says, "No, Marc—let me!" SWAKT!

Two days later, in a cemetery outside Paris, Frenchie puts a rose on Kristel's grave. "I am ready now," he tells Spector. "I have made ... the break."



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