Appearing in "Master Sniper's Legacy!"

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Synopsis for "Master Sniper's Legacy!"

Moon Knight is recruited by his old friend Benjamin Abramov of the Israeli Secret Service to help against the Third World Slayers, but when Abramov is assassinated right in front of Steven, he first has to deal with the Slayers' agent, the Master Sniper.

Appearing in "The Worship of False Idols"

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Synopsis for "The Worship of False Idols"

In his mercenary days, Marc Spector steals what he believes is a priceless Incan gold statuette and then encounters a string of bad luck he can only attribute to the artifact's curse, but when he finally gets back to camp, it turns out what he grabbed was a plaster souvenir.


On page 5, panel 2, Abramov calls Nimrod Strange "Hugo Strange", a villain in DC's Batman comics.

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