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Synopsis for "Assault on Island Strange"

With his Mossad allies having decoded Ben Abramov's hidden message, Moon Knight takes the fight to the 3rd World Slayers' secret base. Marc, Marlene, and Frenchie impersonate revolutionaries to infiltrate the compound, with Marlene quickly being recruited as one of Strange's personal bodyguards. He always surrounds himself with three beautiful women representing the European, African, and Asian races that make up his organization, and he has just become dissatisfied with Sheena, the previous woman in the "white" slot. Jealous, Sheena attempts to dig up dirt on the new recruit.

With the loss of his Slayers' Elite, Nimrod Strange adopts their weaponry and that of the Master Sniper into a personal battlesuit and dubs himself Arsenal. Sheena figures out the three impostors but Marlene takes her out before she can report to Strange. Moon Knight and Frenchie are drawn out into the open while sabotaging the base. Arsenal gets the better of Moon Knight and escapes with Marlene, but Moon Knight now knows where they're headed -- to Manhattan to launch a massive terrorist attack.

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