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Quote1.png Greed is the purest motivation-- the others tend to get sticky with complications. Quote2.png
Anton Mogart

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Synopsis for "Midnight Means Murder"

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Moon Knight captures a mugger, an arsonist, and a sniper on three successive nights. On each of those same nights, exactly at midnight, a costumed figure steals a valuable item. The same criminal has written several letters to the newspapers taunting Moon Knight and signed himself "Midnight Man." The next morning, Lockley heads to Gena's diner for information. Crawley takes him to a pool hall. Lockley asks about fences, gets no response, and offers to meet in the alley "if anyone has a memory attack." Crawley assures them that Lockley pays well, so they plan to mug him. Instead of a cabbie, though, they find Moon Knight, who learns that Midnight Man plans to set a trap for him that night.

First appearance of Midnight Man

That evening Steven Grant hosts a fund-raiser at his mansion. An art collector named Anton Mogart asks Grant for a favor. Midnight Man threatened to steal his paintings, so he wants Grants to have his mercenary friend Marc Spector protect them. Grant agrees. When he sees that Mogart has left the party, he changes to Moon Knight and has Frenchie fly him to Mogart's mansion in New Jersey. After jimmying a window with a crescent dart, he hits a tripwire and narrowly avoids the crossbow bolt it activates. Midnight Man steps from the shadows. He says that he wants to eliminate Moon Knight as the only threat to his operation, and he raises a pistol.

Moon Knight uses his truncheon to douse the lights. In the dark he easily disarms Midnight Man and unmasks him as Mogart. Their fight spills out onto the roof of the gabled mansion. Suddenly Marlene arrives and shoots Mogart, who slips on a shard of glass and falls into the river. Grant takes one of Mogart's paintings, the fee they agreed upon for Spector's services. Later, Grant and Marlene visit a museum, where she recognizes the painting. Beside it a sign reads, "Donated by Marc Spector." Grant says that Mogart's greed made him reconsider his own passion for collecting. In place of the painting he has hung Midnight Man's cloak, as a reminder that he will probably return for it. Marlene agrees and confesses that, to avoid shooting Moon Knight accidentally, she used a rubber bullet.

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