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  • Simon, Ernie, Fox, gang members

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Synopsis for "The Moon Kings"

Jake Lockley finishes putting on a moustache to complete his disguise. Crawley runs into the street ahead of his cab. He says that a friend, Redshirt, has come from Chicago with a warning that that city will be destroyed at the next full moon - the next night. At Gena's diner, Lockley tells Gena he won't need Ricky and Ray's help: "this'll be a small operation."

The next night, a gang breaks into the Municipal Water Works in Chicago and pours the contents of a 55-gallon drum into the reservoir. One of the gang, Fox, shoots Ernie, who told Redshirt about their plans. The leader, Simon, protests. The next day, people all over Chicago drink tap water without thinking. A woman on a sidewalk screams and attacks the nearest person, biting his lip.

Lockley goes to Steven Grant's mansion. Marlene says, "You know, Steven, sometimes you're so crazy you don't even know who you are, and one of these nights you're going to drive me crazy too." She, Frenchie, and Crawley get into Moon Knight's helicopter and head west. They hear a news report about the spreading madness and see flames downtown. Marlene and Crawley disembark at their hotel, she to establish a command post, he to gather intelligence.

the chopper goes into the drink

Frenchie poses as a reporter and tries to interview a police lieutenant. The governor has ordered up the National Guard, and everyone should stay home - that's all he learns. On his way out he drinks from a water fountain. Hanging from a ladder under the helicopter Frenchie is piloting, Moon Knight deduces that the madness comes from the water and tells Frenchie to tell Marlene not to drink it. Frenchie screams. Moon Knight glides down to a marina and watches his helicopter crash into Lake Michigan. He dives in to rescue Frenchie, who attacks him. He ties up Frenchie and leaves him on a boat. The gang prepares to move into City Hall.

Moon Knight races to find a phone. A hungry Marlene draws a glass of water. Her phone rings - it's Moon Knight, trying to warn her. The hotel operator screams, and the connection dies. Marlene drinks. Moon Knight cuts across Grant Park to get to the hotel, but he encounters a mob. Simon, in a werewolf costume in Daley Plaza, goes on television to tell the mob around him to destroy the city. He asks for $25 million, to be dropped onto the roof of City Hall, as extortion to keep him from putting poison in the water supply. Moon Knight, having beaten the mob, sees him on a television in a shop window and goes to the plaza. He chases Simon into a subway station, where Simon throws a gas bomb.

Moon Knight sees a NO SMOKING sign. Under the hallucinogenic spell of the gas, he watches the letters rearrange themselves to say MOON KINGS. Suddenly he is on the moon, and the Moon Kings (the rioters) are after him. They drag him into a tunnel (the subway), where a monster (a train) rushes at him ....

In the hotel room, Marlene brandishes a knife and says, "I want you, Steven ... because you've made me just like you now ... You've made me so crazy I don't know who I am ... and you're going to pay, Steven ...."



  • The song Crawley sings is Chicago, my kind of town, by Jimmy Van Heusen, lyrics by Sammy Cahn.

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