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Marlene Alraune

Appearing in "Night of the Wolves"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Simon, Fox, other gang members

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Synopsis for "Night of the Wolves"

Still under the influence of hallucinogenic gas, Moon Knight thinks that an oncoming subway train is a monster. He flattens himself against the wall as it passes, then jumps onto the roof to get to its brain and kill it. In a flash of sanity, he realizes he's on a train. He drops into a car, reaches the engineer's compartment, and knocks out the driver. On his way to his hotel to warn Marlene about the water, he hears voices from a sewer pipe, one of them Crawley's, the other a friend of Redshirt's. The friend flees at the sight of Moon Knight, but Crawley has learned where Ernie, a member of the gang, lives.

In a smoke-filled room in Washington, D.C., a group of men speculate on the possibility that the Chicago terrorist gang may strike elsewhere. In Chicago City Hall, waiting for the $25 million extortion payoff, Simon tells Fox that he sent the other two gang members to Ernie's place, ostensibly for supplies but really in hopes they'd get killed in the chaos, which would mean bigger shares for them. At Miegs Fields, one of the men from Washington briefs the helicopter pilot who will deliver the "ransom." At Ernie's place, Crawley breaks in, quickly followed by the two other gang members, who are picking up bottled water. Crawley pushes a row of boxes over onto them and knocks them out.

Most dangerous room in the house, studies say

Moon Knight arrives at his hotel. The room is a mess, and the bathroom sink has been left running. Marlene, hiding in the shower, stabs him twice in the back with a shard of broken glass. He knocks her out and ties her up. Crawley arrives and tells him there are only gang members two left, and they're at City Hall.

At dawn the chopper drops a sack on the roof of City Hall. Simon and Fox (wearing their masks with air filters) open it. A cloud of tear gas emerges but dissipates in the wind. The man from Washington orders the National Guard to assault the building. Moon Knight arrives, climbs to a rooftop, and hitches a ride on a police chopper to follow Simon and Fox's getaway car. In the car, Simon plans to poison the water supply because he didn't get his money. When Fox protests, Simon shoots him.

At the reservoir, Simon has an oil drum full of poison. Moon Knight drops from the chopper and glides down to give him a body blow. The drum rolls toward the water. Simon draws a gun. Moon Knight can close with Simon or stop the drum, but not both! Or can he? He throws a dart, knocking Simon's gun out of his hand, and stops the drum in the nick of time.

Three days later, Steven Grant, Marlene, Frenchie, and Crawley watch a crane pull Moon Knight's helicopter out of the lake. "C'est la vie," says Frenchie, "We wished to make some changes in zee design anyway, oui?"



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