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Quote1 Life in his mansion was like a young girl's dream of satin sheets and champagne. An escape from growing up, that's what it was. I was Marc's teddy bear. Quote2
Marlene Alraune

Appearing in "Deadly Knowledge"

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Synopsis for "Deadly Knowledge"

Marc Spector has returned from Egypt to find that Marlene has left him, just as she threatened to do. He goes to the Jazz Pier Cabaret, her favorite hang-out, in the hopes of finding her. Marc is forced to intercept a bully who is muscling his girlfriend. He pushes the man backward sending him flying thirty feet out the window into the river. Marc has yet to get a strong measure of just how much his strength increases when the moon is full. Swimming out into the river, Marc rescues the man before he drowns. Entering the Cabaret again, he sees Marlene who runs away from him. It is quite obvious that she does not wish to speak with Marc at this time.

That evening, the Priests of Khonshu visit Marc in his dreams and grant him visions of an act of evil that only Moon Knight can hope to defeat. Taking as much information from the visions as he can, Marc books passage to the Yucatan.

Arriving in the Yucatan as Moon Knight, Marc meets up with Dr. Victoria Grail. Grail works for the Nobel committee and is hunting down a renegade mad scientist named Dr. Arthur Harrow. Harrow suffers from a disease that has left him with horrible facial disfigurement. He has been working on a scientific means to deaden the pain centers in the human body. Grail knows that Harrow is basing his work on Nazi experiments from World War II that had been outlawed by the Nuremberg trials. Further, she suspects that Harrow is using human subjects for his experiments.

Harrow discovers that Grail is investigating him and sends a couple of his "test subjects" – zombified soldiers to murder Grail. Moon Knight comes upon her, just as a few of the zombies try to load her into a van. Moon Knight disables the van and rescues Grail. Grail tells him everything about Harrow and the two decide to track him down.

Moon Knight and Victoria find Harrow's lab complex set inside a Mayan pyramid and break into it. They find a hidden sub-level and begin exploring. Harrow sends another squad of zombies to stop them while he gathers his research together and attempts to escape. Moon Knight blasts through all of the zombies and realizes that Harrow has rigged the place to explode. Moon Knight grabs Victoria and lunges toward the exit just as the bombs go off.

Dr. Harrow on the other hand, manages to escape aboard a helicopter. Harrow is secretly working for a secret organization known as O.M.N.I.U.M.

Meanwhile back in the States, Marlene Alraune decides that it is time to go back to her ex-husband, Jules Fontaine.


  • The disease that Arthur Harrow suffers from is called Trigeminal Neuralgia.
  • This issue reveals the name of Marlene's ex-husband, Jules Fontaine. When Marlene made her first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #28, she was introduced as "Marlene Fontaine", despite the fact that she had already parted ways from her husband at the time of publication.


  • There is an actual physician named Dr. Arthur Harrow; that physician bears a startling resemblance to the character in the comic, and also has interests that match the description of the character. The connection is unknown.
  • Harrow refers to Hauptborg's and Schold's failed experiments in Auschwitz. Those names are apparently made up for the story, not referring to either real Reich scientists nor to previously-existing Marvel characters.
  • Marlene listens a song that goes "Some people want to abuse you, some people want to be a-". This sounds like Eurythmics' 1983 song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), albeit the lyrics on it say "Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused."

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