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Synopsis for "Midnight Sun (Part VI) - This Trap, My Body"

Pinned against the clock, Midnight begins to tear into Moon Knight’s back. As Marc endures this pain, Khonshu arrives to mock Marc for being a failure of a soldier, and if he wants a shot of getting out of this, Khonshu tells marc that he will need to kill Jeff – Marc protests killing him. Jeff decides to lean into Marc, and in that moment, his nurse assistant strikes back. Breaking free, Moon Knight slips away and throws darts to Midnight to make him collapse; both are too broken to stand. The nurse tries to help Marc up in hopes she can convince him to kill Jeff, but his disapproval only pushes the Nurse to strangle him. Jeff interrupts by yelling his jealousy which causes the Nurse to release her grip and confront Jeff. With him distracted, Marc rips the large hand off the of clock and rush to pierce him with a killing blow; Marc wishes he could save Jeff but he knew he was beyond salvation. With the Nurse free, they help each other out of the sewer caverns. He lets her exit the sewer system first... which was a trap that Marc knew was there; she too was too far beyond salvation. With the robotic remains, Marc leaves a crescent moon on the ground as a message.

Later, Tony comes to visit Marc. He is not interested in trying to recruit Moon Knight for his Civil War team, but he reminds him that Moon Knight used to serve with honor. Tony will allow him to continue with his work and remain uninterrupted – without arrest – as long as he applies for a Registration Card... as long as if he can pass the mental exam.

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