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Appearing in "The Uses of Restraint"

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Synopsis for "The Uses of Restraint"

Staking out a criminal, Moon Knight stands on a roof wanting to act but this is after the events of Civil War and non-registered vigilantes are prohibited. Moon Knight is cautious but Khonshu wants his solider to act. Meanwhile, Detective Flint interviews one in apparently a long line of criminals that have been branded with Moon Knight’s crescent moon on their foreheads.

Frenchie can't sleep thanks to thoughts of Marc and decides to go to Spector's mansion. There, he finds Ray Landers working in Moon Knight’s garage. The two men talk about loss and Marc before Ray drives a last truckload of Moon Knight's gear off the property. The mansion burns to the ground behind.

Walking with her new boyfriend, Taylor, Marlene tries to convince him that she does not miss the excitement of her past relationships. All the men in her life have either died or were too aggressive, and she is happy for a more boring life. But when the two are mugged, Marlene manages to fight off their attackers by stabbing them in the eyes with her house keys.

Marc arrives at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility for his registration interview with a psychologist, Dr. Depford. The debriefing room is having its lock fixed by a mechanic but Marc and Dr. Depford continue with the on-camera interview. Depford tries to provoke Marc as the lock mechanic is actually a security personnel, but Marc passes the test and the interview can continue without the extra protection.

During the interview, Depford asks questions to clarify some of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s records; age/physical condition, abilities, connection to the moon, and is particularly interested in his multiple personalities. Depford asks Marc to look at the moon, and by doing so, brings out the Jake Lockely and Steven Grant personalities. Depford trips Steven to look at the moon once again causing him to fall into a sleep so Depford can record his official report, having determined that Marc is not fit for registration and may need to be prosecuted for his activities as Moon Knight. However, Khonshu begins to speak through an unconscious Marc, revealing that he knows Dr. Depford's deepest, darkest secrets. A terrified Depford signs off on Marc's registration and deletes the recording of the interview. Marc walks to back to his car and thanks The Profile for the intel on Depford. Moon Knight later takes out the criminal for who he was stalking, brands his forehead, and shoves his Superhuman Registration Card in the criminal’s mouth.

Marc returns to his townhouse to find Marlene on his stoop. He takes her inside, cleans the blood off her hands, and takes her to bed.

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