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Quote1 Whining. More whining! Make him soil himself, just like the old days. Quote2

Appearing in "God and Country: Chapter 1"

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Synopsis for "God and Country: Chapter 1"

Moon Knight is spending the late night taking out criminals but returns to his apartment with Marlene; they are trying to work things out but it proves to be unsuccessful as Khonshu is still the loudest voice in his head. Marc resorts to clearing his head by becoming Moon Knight that evening and heinously taking out criminals to please Khonshu. To satisfy him, Moon Knight cuts off a goons ear and offers it to Khonshu. This action spreads across the morning news the next day as Marlene and Tony Stark tune-in. The reporter questions if a vigilante like Moon Knight is a disgrace to Tony’s Registration Act.

At the Essex Hotel, a man with a scar on his cheek watches the same news broadcast. The Profile comes to Marc and briefs him on a couple of potential crooks available to take down but none of them appease Khonshu until he mentions that Killer Shrike, the man who partially crippled Frenchie, is free from prison. This piques Marc's interest and he tracks Killer Shrike, Simon Maddicks, to the Essex. Moon Knight brutally attacks Maddicks, drawing the attention of the rest of the Essex Hotel's inhabitants - including the mysterious scarred man...

Solicit Synopsis

"God and Country," Part 1 of 6.

Award-winning TV writer Mike Benson (Entourage) takes over the reins, with co-plotter Charlie Huston! Moon Knight is back in the game - leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake - and everyone wants to know the same thing: Who the hell gave this psycho a Registration Card? But no one wants to know more than the architect of the Initiative, Tony Stark. As the body count grows, the pressure to bring in the poster child for super-powered irresponsibility might grow too much for Stark to ignore. And when that happens...?

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