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Quote1 Oh, that's my boy. This is why I made you my avatar. Quote2

Appearing in "God and Country: Chapter 2"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "God and Country: Chapter 2"

Tony Stark is in his S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters office watching found footage of the Killer Shrike attack. The footage has been wiped from the public but Tony’s opinion of MK has been concluded. Meanwhile, Marc is sparing with Rob as Frenchie looks on. Rob is accidently hit by Marc and Frenchie is mad, but ultimately, he is furious about Marc’s actions on Shrike. Across town, Carson Knowles (Black Spectre) is released from prison and has a job with the MTA, but he is a laughing stock at his job. When Carson goes to visit his parole officer, he is being extracted for money on payday to keep him clear. Carson is tipped over the edge when he hears a voice in his head. He decides to visit his former pawn shop to pick up an item.

At Marc’s apartment, he is further from his self than ever as Marlene is not able to reach him. She has finally given up and storms out. And as Carson is at home opening his pawned sword, Marc goes to his bookcase to open the skinned Bushman face. Marlene returns and walks in at the wrong time as he places the layer of skin on his face.

Solicit Synopsis

Award-winning TV writer Mike Benson (Entourage) takes over the reins, with co-plotter Charlie Huston! "God and Country," Part 2. With Moon Knight leaving a trail of broken bodies in his wake, Tony Stark has one question on his mind: How the hell did this psycho get a Registration Card? But by the time Stark uncovers the truth, it might very well be too late. For Khonshu has great expectations of his avatar - he wants the streets washed with blood, and what Khonshu wants, he ususally gets.

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