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Quote1 This is not by chance. Not killing this man is not random. This is years of training. Years of practice. Mountains of self-restraint. If this man lives to see is because I allow him. Because that is the kind of man I am. Quote2
Moon Knight (inner monologue)

Appearing in "God and Country: Chapter 3"

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Synopsis for "God and Country: Chapter 3"

The voice of Khonshu continues to rage within Marc as Khonshu’s blood thirst has not settled; the news of Moon Knight’s actions continues to trend. At Carson’s parole check-in, his officer tell him that his urine sample failed – this is a lie to extort Knowles for more money. Fed up, Carson grabs a pair of scissors and kills him. Meanwhile, Marc tries to reconcile with Frenchie and Rob but they too leave his side.

At the Museum of Natural History (Marlene’s job), Carson is visiting the Armor and Weaponry Exhibit where the voice in his head returns; he is fueled by the armor similar to Black Spectre’s. He however runs into Marlene and apologizes for his actions. She is willing to listen to Carson after how Marc has been treating her lately. As Carson walks Marlene halfway home, she tells him she is happy to hear of his reform. After they separate, Carson goes to the hospital and smothers Simon Maddicks in his hospital bed. He then carves a crescent moon into Maddicks' forehead, framing Moon Knight for the murder.

Moon Knight gears up once again as Ray gets the Crescentplane ready. Ray says he wants to start getting more involved, but Moon Knight warns him he needs to stay out of the fray if he doesn't want his mother to lose another son. In the city, a gang known as the Whyos shoot up a rival gang's bar. Moon Knight arrives and takes down most of the Whyos, but suddenly the Crescentplane opens fire (thanks to an over-eager Ray) and kills one of the gang members who was about to shoot Moon Knight from behind. Just as the Whyo falls dead, police cars arrive and train their headlights on Moon Knight.

Solicit Synopsis


Killing someone who deserves it is easy. The alternative - it takes years of training, mountains of resolve. Moon Knight knows this fact intimately - and he's about to face his stiffest test. See, Carson Knowles knows a thing or two about self-restraint himself, but he's just snapped. The genie is out of the bottle - and it's ugly. Enter: Black Spectre.

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