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Quote1 Knowing my history of "extreme behavior", I would suggest you don't want to come at me like this with your helmet off, Stark. Quote2
Moon Knight

Appearing in "God and Country: Chapter 5"

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Synopsis for "God and Country: Chapter 5"

Tensions are high as Tony has his repulsor drawn but Marc is telling him that he is being framed for a crime he didn’t commit. However, MK’s registration allows him to continue so Iron Man is placing him on tight investigation unless he can prove otherwise. Fully as Black Spectre, Carson is across town breaking into the henchmen’s facility to steal the Stark Bio Weapon. With S.H.I.E.L.D. gone, Marc is home with Khonshu as he craves for more vengeance. Marc wants Khonshu to leave but he reminds Marc that he has invested too much into him and his soldier more than he has ever asked for – legs included; offer him a sacrifice or Khonshu will leave. Just as Marc defies Khonshu once again, Black Spectre arrives to attack.

Beaten to a pulp, Carson lets Marc live just so he can experience what he did when Marc took his world away. With Carson gone, Marc craws to his phone and dials Crawley. Crawley arrives to set Marc straight: he does not give him the pills Marc was hoping to receive but he was able to get Marc to reach his senses. With his newfound strength, Marc suits up as Black Spectre sets his plan in motion.

Solicit Synopsis

The Superhuman Registration Act: Membership has its privileges. And Moon Knight's about to get his revoked. Personally. By Tony Stark himself. Meanwhile, Black Spectre's hatched a plan to put the final nail in Moon Knight's coffin. Years ago, Moon Knight destroyed Carson Knowles' life - now he's about to return the favor.

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