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Quote1 No. I'm done. I'm through being your executioner. Your avatar. Your symbol. Quote2
Marc Spector

Appearing in "God and Country: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "God and Country: Conclusion"

During a city ceremony, Tony Stark’s Initiative is celebrating the unsung heroes of New York as they gather in a large plaza with Carson standing above them at a nearby roof. As the civilians celebrate, millions of nanites are launched into the air and fill everyone’s lungs unnoticed. Meanwhile, Crawley rushes to drive Moon Knight to the plaza. Crawley does not know where to possibly find Carson but Marc does; to return to the building where he took down Carson (Moon Knight Vol. 1 #25)

On the roof, the two endlessly battle but Marc is not strong enough to stop him. Carson steps to the ledge of the building as the press pan their cameras to him and listen; he tells the crowd that they will love him. But as Black Spectre’s vanity gets to him, Moon Knight pushes him off the roof; Marc has finally killed a man. The media catches this which causes Tony Stark to finally hunt him, Frenchie to feel betrayed, and Marlene to just walk away. On the ground, Khonshu is happy for the sacrifice but Marc tells him that he is done; he wants Khonshu out of his life. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. is emptying Spector's townhouse, including the statue of Khonshu. One of the agents carrying the statue slips and loses his grip, and the statue falls to the ground and shatters.

Solicit Synopsis


The execution will be televised! Black Spectre's ingenious plan to destroy Moon Knight enters its final phase. As the whole world watches on high-def TV, Moon Knight faces a no-win situation. He's already the poster child for super hero recklessness, but after this, he'll either be dead... or Public Enemy Number One.

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