Quote1.png This is the part where you tell me what the #### is going on. Quote2.png
-- Jake Lockley

Appearing in "Down South (Part II)"

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  • Blue Monte Carlo

Synopsis for "Down South (Part II)"

Jake Lockley conspires with Alcantara's men on the best approach towards liberating Carmen Alcantara from a Federale prison. Lockley argues with one of the enforcers and it becomes clear to him that these two men are not entirely reliable.

They bust into the prison wearing ski masks, and Lockley finds Carmen's cell. He uses plastique explosives to tear a hole in the wall and set her free. When Carmen learns that it was her father who hired Lockley to free her, she becomes extremely frightened. Lockley grows even more uneasy with this mission. Grabbing Carmen, he races out of the prison and meets back up with Alcantara's men at a predetermined rendezvous point. Jake is furious. He wants to know exactly what is going on. Before the men can respond however, a sniper (the Punisher) takes down Alcantara’s men. Jake shoves Carmen into a truck and drives off.

He brings her to a motel where he asks her why she is so afraid of her father. Carmen tells him that her father is in the middle of a cartel merger with the Russian mob. She was approached by the U.S. DEA and offered immunity if she agreed to testify against her father. Alcantara intends on executing his daughter for her betrayal in front of the Russians as a show of force. There is someone that Carmen is even more afraid of than her father though. A "butcher" has been cutting through Alcantara’s ranks, using only bladed weapons. Now Lockley has to worry about the cartel, this mysterious butcher as well as the sniper who gunned down Alcantara’s enforcers. While Jake muses over all of this, Carmen finds his Moon Knight costume in his duffel bag.


  • This issue shipped on February 18th, 2009.
  • Moon Knight appears only as Jake Lockley in this issue.

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