Quote1 It's a 2-part plan: First, we find the girl and her gringo bodyguard. And then, we come back here and kill this crazy #### thinks he can put a gun in our face. Quote2
-- Gus Zapata

Appearing in "Down South" part 3

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Synopsis for "Down South" part 3

Jake spends the late night drinking alone as Khonshu, in the form of a small spider, returns trying to provoke him in order to force Jake to worship him again. Jake continues to ignore Khonshu. Just as Jake goes to examine his gear, a rocket launcher blows up his front door; the Los Bros Zapata, a tag-team Mexican wrestler duo, have arrived to collect the bounty on the Carmen’s head. Jake quickly throws darts at them and tries to fight them off but they out maneuver him by using wrestling moves. Carmen jumps one of the brothers from behind and pulls on a grenade tag off of his vest. Jake and Carmen run away as she managed to fool them; it was a smoke bomb that she pulled.

As the two run, the mob spots them and tries to chase after them. However, Toltec is behind and butchers their heads off. The Brothers are shortly behind and learn that this was not what they signed up for. The two arrange for a meeting later that evening with Alcantara. Alcantara know of their failure and the death of his men so he orders his men to kill them but the Bros quickly stop the goons; it is now the Zapata Bros alone with Alcantara. They come to a new agreement; bring Carmen and Toltec’s head and Alcantara will pay them like kings. The brothers walk out and reveal their true intention; bring Carmen, but, kill and rob Alcantara instead of Toltec. As they walk away, Moon Knight, Punisher, and Toltec hears of their plan from separate angles.

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