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Appearing in ""Down South" Pt 5"

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Synopsis for ""Down South" Pt 5"

Moon Knight has stormed the gate, but once he is inside, grotesque murder can be seen everywhere. Making his way to Alcantara’s bar, the Punisher is seen sitting there admiring the work; this was not him as this killer carries a hatchet. MK questions why Frank is here but he begins to walk away as he doesn’t like Alcantara’s odds against this killer. Looking to complete the job, Moon Knight still searches for Alcantara as Khonshu arrives in the form of a rat tormenting him. While inspecting the game room, two henchmen arrive and MK swiftly takes them out. Moon Knight continues forward as he must battle the remaining henchmen who are protecting Alcantara. Now with his men out of the way, Jake takes off his hood and faces Alcantara; Gilberto Alcantara was brought his own city to a warzone and has no regard for his town, nor his daughter. Just as Jake is ready to take out Alcantara, Toltec lurks in the shadow. Moon Knight and Toltec look into each other’s eyes and agree; this is Toltec’s battle – Jake has already protected Carmen. Jake walks away while Alcantara cries as Toltec butchers away.

Jake meets with the Bros who are near the property with Carmen; she showed them to Alcantara’s safe. They four walk away with the cash and blow up the safe. The next morning, Jake gets ready to depart but Carmen hugs him goodbye as the Bros leave him with a duffle bag full of cash. The Bros drive away as Carmen is now in their care.

That evening, Marc watches the news with a bottle of tequila in hand as he learns of the Dark Reign events after being away from the mainstream world for some time. With Norman Osborn taunting the former heroes on the broadcast, Jake gets up to pour away the Khonshu-possessed tequila worm and decides to head home to face Norman – alone without Khonshu.

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