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Appearing in "The Bottom (Part IV of VI) - Interest in a Mirror"

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Synopsis for "The Bottom (Part IV of VI) - Interest in a Mirror"

Marc Spector kneels before the statue of Khonshu. Suddenly, a voice from behind the statue begins taunting him. Marc reels backwards, as Bushman steps out from behind the statue. His face is nothing more than a patch of red, raw muscle. This is not the true Bushman however, but rather, it is Khonshu taking Bushman's likeness to commune with Marc.

Miles away, the Profile sits in a seedy motel room with the female board member of the Committee. Having just spent an intimate evening together, she asks him about his special gifts. He describes for her his ability to "read" the behavioral patterns of others. Having delved deeply into the psychological profile of Marc Spector, the Profile knows that Moon Knight will be looking for some payback.

Back at Spector's home, Khonshu continues to poke at Spector's psyche by inundating him with images from the past. He sees flashes of Marlene, Crawley, Frenchie, Jack Russell and Marlene's late father, Doctor Peter Alraune. Holding a gun to his own head, Marc asks Khonshu why he abandoned him. Khonshu replies that he could never abandon his last true son.

The Profile meanwhile, continues to entertain his bed partner by telling her all about Marc Spector. He reveals tidbits of Spector's past associations both with and against the previous Committee.

At Spector's apartment, Marlene walks into the room and finds Marc mumbling before the statue of Khonshu. She asks him if he is insane, and admonishes him for the brutal attack against the man who assaulted Frenchie. She tells him that police officers have been visiting Frenchie's room looking to find information.

Suddenly, the Taskmaster smashes through the window and attacks them. Marlene instantly takes the offensive and leaps at him, while Marc throws a dagger in his direction. The Taskmaster evades the dagger and smashes Marlene's face against the floor. He then trips Marc up and pins his hand against the floor with one of his own crescent darts.

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