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Quote1.png They said they'd kill us all. Everyone you've ever cared about. Crawley. Gena and the kids. Samuels and Nedda. Jean-Paul. Me. What are you going to do about that? Quote2.png
Marlene Alraune

Appearing in "The Bottom (Part V of VI) - Friendless and Alone"

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Synopsis for "The Bottom (Part V of VI) - Friendless and Alone"

The Taskmaster stands over top of Marc Spector and Marlene Alraune who lie on the floor bleeding. He engages in a long-winded diatribe about the strain of running a training school for super-villains, and how much he prefers the life of a simple mercenary. while he continues to speak, a prerecorded broadcast of the Committee pipes in over a video display system. The Committee members take responsibility for Marc's most recent trials, and conclude by saying that they will kill everyone he has ever known.

Marlene gets up and fires off several shots at the Taskmaster, but he deflects them with his shield. He then fires a crossbow bolt into the barrel of Marlene's gun and warns her not to remove it. While the Taskmaster is distracted, Marc uses the crescent dart in his hand to spear the Taskmaster in the foot. Marlene pulls the bolt from her gun and continues firing at Taskmaster. Taskmaster throws his crossbow at her and prepares to cut off her head with his sword. Marc's butler, Samuels, comes up from behind him and blasts him with an antique rifle. The blow propels the Taskmaster through the window.

After things have calmed down, Samuels drives Marc and Marlene away from the apartment building and back to Marc's Long Island estate. Marc treats his injuries while Samuels preps the Moon-copter. Marc dons a fresh costume and flies off in the copter to take care of the Committee.

The Taskmaster returns to the Committee boardroom and tells them of his failure to sanction Spector. He further accuses them of providing him with an inaccurate psychological profile on Spector's state of mind.

Moon Knight tracks the Committee down and rams the Moon-copter straight through their office windows. Taskmaster manages to dive out of the way in time, but the remaining Committee members are killed. Moon Knight emerges from the cockpit and says, "Vengeance!"

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