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Synopsis for "Midnight Sun (Part III) - For the Occasion"

Rob continues to work with Marc and his physical therapy. While training, he asks Marc about his super-powers. Marc tells him that he doesn't have any, but indicates that he once developed enhanced strength and reflexes under the full moon. Khonshu continues to whisper in Marc's ear, and tells him to get rid of Rob.

Suddenly, Midnight bursts through the wall of the house and attacks them. Marc hurls a gym weight at him, but Midnight catches and throws it at Rob. Midnight is angry that Marc isn't trying harder to hunt him down. He wants to establish himself as Moon Knight's arch nemesis, but so far as Midnight is concerned, Marc has not been paying him due attention.

As the two wrestle about, Marc picks up a sharpened piece of metal and drives it into Midnight's left ear. Midnight howls in pain, then pulls the metal out, trailing pieces of flesh along with it.

Marc begins battering at him with hand weights, but Midnight's enhanced stamina enables him to withstand the blows. He pins Marc to the wall, then proceeds to extract one of his teeth and forces him to swallow it. All the while, he continues to taunt Marc with fantasies of what he will do to Marc's former lover, Marlene. After he is finished torturing him, Midnight leaves, and says that their final showdown will take place at the stroke of midnight.

Rob leaves and meets with Frenchie. He tells him what happened, and Frenchie warns him about the infectious nature of Marc's lifestyle.

Marc changes into his costume and meets up with Ray. They board the Moon-chopper and fly out over the city. Marc has a bead on where Midnight is going to be, but something distracts him. He sees emergency vehicles converging around some skyscrapers. On the rooftop of one of the buildings stands the Punisher.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]


  • First professional Marvel Comics work for artist Mico Suayan.

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