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Quote1.png It doesn't matter who you say you are... Steven Grant... Marc Spector... Moon Knight... You ruin everything you touch. Everything and everybody. Quote2.png
Moon Knight's dream

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Los Angeles
    • Hospital
      • Morgue
    • Count Nefaria's Hideout
    • Los Angeles Police Headquarters


Synopsis for 1st story

Marc disappears into Moon Knight’s subconscious as Wolverine works on autopilot. In Marc’s subconscious, he is Jake once again in New York after a night in the cab. He is greeted by Marlene who asks him what did he destroy today – he destroys everything he touches. Marc wakes up in shock to a hospital room handcuffed to the bed not knowing how he arrived. Hall arrives to the hospital to question a un-finger printed Moon Knight, but just as he arrives to the ER wing, Hall and the other officers along with the staff faint; Buck released a gas in order to extract Marc. Buck confirms that Maya didn’t make it.

Back at Nefaria’s mansion, the Count can’t regain his composure after the attack but he wants Marc dead immediately. He calls upon his daughter, Madame Masque to finish the job. Meanwhile, Marc has been off the grid for some time at his house as he dwells over his recent loss. The Wolverine persona tries to bring Marc to action but he cannot move. At the county morgue, Maya’s body and items have been confiscated, but Madame Masque breaks in and kills the doctors. She detects vibranium in the staff Buck constructed for her and tries to back-trace the source of the deal for this metal. Once Masque gets her intel, she follows Buck. Late one evening when Buck drives to Marc’s garage to work, three red laser dots rest over his shoulder and then BOOM. Marc runs to his garage to investigate and sees Buck caught in the debris. He tells Marc that she has the Ultron head.

Solicit Synopsis

Moon Knight succumbs to one of his new personalities to fight for the survival of Los Angeles! • Once the Kingpin of LA pushes him over the edge, can Moon Knight ever come back?!

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