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Madame Masque

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Synopsis for 1st story

With all options exhausted, Moon Knight and Buck use an old Captain America line to reach S.H.I.E.L.D. They inform Maria Hill of the situation and how Buck managed to tag the head with a tracker but their responder was trashed in the scuffle. Maria wants to send excessive force but the two rush to jump off the line: “a lighter touch is needed”. Meanwhile, Masque has the head and calls her father as she wants to rearrange their deal in order to get a larger portion... but Moon Knight arrives. The two use their weapons to battle (MK using the claws, webs, and shield) but Masque out maneuvers Marc into a submission. Moon Knight, as Wolverine, asks for a bullet in his head but Masque is suddenly thrown off – Buck has stolen the helmet.

Running to his Jeep and taking off, Masque runs outside to fire at Buck and manages to strike his gas tank. Marc tries to stop her but Buck’s Jeep goes up in flames. The explosion throws both to the ground and Marc goes unconscious. During Marc’s sleep, he is visited by Maya to help wake up and return to the battle. Marc rises and takes down Masque as Maya coaches him; she is now in Marc’s conscious. With Masque defeated, he runs to Buck who is still alive. The two quickly run as LAPD and the News are close behind.

Count Nefaria watches the coverage on the TV disappointed in his daughter, however, the police arrive to Nefaria’s door with a subpoena. Moon Knight has driven the Count to his last straw.

Solicit Synopsis

• Moon Knight Has Fallen Into The Abyss Of His Multiple Personalities! • What Force On Earth Can Bring Him Back From The Brink? Enter: The Avengers! • The Legendary Team Of Bendis And Maleev Bring You This Pinnacle Moment In The Life Of Marc Spector!

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