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Quote1.png If I've learned anything from all this... I'd rather die in a robot holocaust than spend another second in Hollywood. Quote2.png
Moon Knight

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Los Angeles
    • Count Nefaria's Hideout
    • L.A.P.D. Station
    • Studio Black Lot


Synopsis for 1st story

In Nefaria’s foyer awaits the LAPD. They wait for the Count to surrender but they look to the skies to see a blaze take down one of their helicopters; he has escaped. News breaks at the station which makes Snapdragon a high target. Captain Quaid personally grabs Snapdragon from her cell and tries to walk her out but Nefaria arrives in the bullpen. He is disappointed in Quaid as his payments to him was supposed to never allow the police to arrive, but Detective Hall’s persistence has proven otherwise. Nefaria kills Quaid on the spot and gunfire erupts. Nefaria promises to speak to Snapdragon after, but Moon Knight arrives in full Avengers gear.

The two battle in the police bullpen which causes a havoc. Snapdragon tries to fire at both of them, successfully grazing Nefaria, but Moon Knight sends her outside. During their battle, Echo raises a point; he cannot kill Moon Knight because only he has the Ultron head. He brings this to Nefaria but the Count is still willing to kill Moon Knight. After countless blows and Marc barely hanging onto his life, he finally gives-in and confesses that the head is in his car in the parking lot. Nefaria drags him by the cape outside to only be greeted by the Avengers: “you see them too, right” – Marc. Nefaria tries to fight back but Thor ends him with one blow.

Back at Marc’s house, Tony Stark evaluates the Ultron head – he too can hardly believe that Marc had a real-deal head. Tony believes that Nefaria wanted to build an early allegiance with Ultron before assembling a new wave of Ultron bots. Tony takes away the head as their job is done.

Three Months later – Marc arrives to the studio lot of his show, “The Legend of Khonshu” is cancelled. While Amy was a great producers assistant, Marc does not have plans to continue the show. “If I’ve learned anything from all this, I’d rather die in a robot holocaust than spend another second in Hollywood”.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Conclusion Of Marvel’s Maddest Mercenary Moon Knight Is Here! • After All He’s Been Through, Will There Be Anything Left Of The One-Man Avenger?


  • The issues end teases "Moon Knight will return in... The Age of Ultron".


Moon Kniht next appears in X-Men: Legacy #266

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