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  • Marc Spector's car

Synopsis for 1st story

The next morning, Marc is driving down PCH heading to work while he calls Maya on her teleprompter phone; he apologies for blowing her cover but wants to hopefully devise a strategy with her over dinner at Pink’s Hot Dogs at 9pm. She is cautious in potentially being involved with Marc but he leaves the offer on the table; they hang up. At the studio lot, Marc carries a box from his car to inside the building. While his assistant is trying to nail down the casting for the ethnicity of “Frenchie”, we see that the Spider-Man suit Marc used was borrowed from a nearby production. In the production office, Marc meets with the show’s military consultant, Buck Lime, and opens the box; it is the Ultron head and he wants Buck to crack it.

In a flashback a few months ago, Marc is reviewing dailies with his assistant when she mentions the pulled candidates for the show’s military consultant. Marc ignores all of the studio selects and finds an interesting resume in the pile: Buck’s. The two arrange a meeting and Marc instantly knows that Buck was a former SHIELD agent even though this was not listed. Marc is forward in wanting Buck to work days with the show and moonlight as Moon Knight’s support. Buck agrees and is hired. That evening, Bullseye breaks into Buck’s apartment and kidnaps him. Tied to a chair, Bullseye roughs Buck up but it is finally revealed that this is really Marc; he wanted to see if Buck would ever break but he passed. Once freed, Buck gets even and questions how crazy is really Marc.

In present time, Buck is looking to crack the Ultron head but he wants to notify the Avengers first. Marc promises to do so once Buck can track down the LA Kingpin using the head. Meanwhile, Snapdragon has assembled her team known as the Night Shift.

Solicit Synopsis

You've seen what insanity the new Moon Knight can do, but how is he doing it? Find out here! Plus, who is the kingpin of L.A.? And why do all the other criminals cower at his feet? And just how far is Moon Knight willing to take his new blood fued? (Hint: pretty damn far!) From the Eisner award-winning team that brought you Daredevil, Halo, and Avengers.

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