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Sometime after Maya’s call with Marc, Maya calls her contact with the Avengers; Carol Danvers. Maya tries to see if it is worth trusting Marc but Carol is able to validate Marc since he is a Secret Avenger with Steve Rogers. Maya takes Carol’s word and meets Marc for hot dogs. During their meeting, the two try to uncover more information from each other; Marc has decided to produce television to hide in plain sight while earning money for his endeavors while Maya was trying to locate the owner of the club where she was working at. Just as the two were beginning to match and compare their sources, Tick Tock from the Night Shift arrives to interrupt their conversation.

Tick Tock, with the ability to read the immediate future, begins to dissect their next moves as the remaining Night Shift members arrive. However, the one variable Tick Tock does not account for is Marc’s Wolverine gauntlet. Marc leaps forward to attack with Maya directly behind him. Working with Steve, Peter, and Logan, Moon Knight becomes the best of each while trying to take out the Night Shift. However, Moon Knight is nearly killed by a hypnotizing assassin but Maya is able to shoot her down. With the Night Shift defeated, Marc tries to run before the police arrive but Maya is too focused on integrating Tick Tock as she can’t hear the sirens. Cops swarm the scene.

Solicit Synopsis

With the aid of his Avengers allies, Marc Spector is one step closer to finding out who the kingpin of the super-powered LA underworld is, but the kingpin is one step closer to finding out all of Moon Knight's secrets. From the Eisner award-winning team that brought you Daredevil, Spider-Woman and Halo is another gorgeous chapter in the brand-new mythos of Moon Knight.

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