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Police have Moon Knight and Maya surrounded. The voices in Marc’s head are telling him conflicting information but Marc is more concerned for Maya. Once in cuffs and taken down to the ground, Marc realizes that they’re using excessive force. The Wolverine voice inside of Marc’s head becomes too loud and he summons Logan to help him break away. Marc successfully grapples away but Maya is still left behind. The voices in Marc’s head again give him conflicting information as to whether run back for Maya or not. However, Maya knocks out a police officer and runs away with a squad car – Marc is smitten. He glides from off of his perch and tails the squad car to land on top of the car and enter.

After a car chase and successfully getting away, the two pullover to collect themselves. The two argue on who left whom behind but they agree that Maya’s apartment is no longer safe. The two kiss and she hits Marc repeatedly for payback. Buck picks up Marc from an alley and Marc tries to defend his evening. Meanwhile, the LA Kingpin flexes his muscle as he successfully helps Tick Tock walk away with his lawyer while frightening the police.

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The new kingpin of L.A. has brought the fight to Moon Knight's front door and now Marc Spector is going to return the favor. Moon Knight unleashes hell on the L.A. underworld in his race to uncover the kingpin's secret identity!! From the Eisner award-winning team that brought you DAREDEVIL and SCARLET.


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