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Marc Spector

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Synopsis for 1st story

The next morning while Buck is working on the Ultron head, he watches the morning news to see found footage on the screen of Marc’s evening. Buck uses his old SHIELD contact to try and reach Sharron Carter but he is redirected to a mailbox. Meanwhile, the Night Shift stand before Snapdragon to answer for their failure, however, they are redirected to the LA Kingpin; Count Nefaria. Nefaria questions if Marc gave away any intel on the stolen Ultron head, but once they confirm nothing was mentioned of the head, the Count horrendously murders the group.

Later, Maya breaks into Marc’s home to wake him up. She comes to apologize for attacking Marc the prior night... repeatedly. The two discuss the emotions and trials of their profession but she ultimately needs a place to stay and lay low. Maya makes herself comfortable. That evening, Marc is in bed with Maya but they are awaken by Steve, Peter, Logan, and others... in the flesh. They received Buck’s call (to Marc’s annoyance) regarding the Ultron head. The Avengers want to interfere as this is their paygrade, however, Marc has a lead on the LA Kingpin and is not ready to surrender the head just yet. Marc tells Steve that he wants to use the head as bait to expose the Kingpin and take him out. Steve is hesitant on Marc’s plan but agrees to let him move forward.

Solicit Synopsis

Moon Knight gets one step closer to the kingpin of Los Angeles and uses Ultron as bait. But in doing so he may have unleashed a hell the West Coast cannot survive. Another blistering chapter from the Eisner award-winning team that brought you DAREDEVIL and HALO!

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