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Quote1.png He has no idea what and who he is up against. What power he is taunting. Tell our friend Count Nefaria will see him now. Quote2.png
Count Nefaria

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Synopsis for 1st story

Buck and Marc meet up. Marc tells him that he feels betrayed but Buck defends his reasons; he believes that Marc is out of his league and is playing a dangerous game that he is not stable to play. Marc hands over the Ultron head, and much to Buck’s dismay, he cannot believe that Captain America allowed him to keep the head. This proves to Buck that trusting Marc is conceivable. With this is in the air, Marc comes forward with his bipolar disorder and Buck confesses that he felt bad for calling SHIELD. Marc knows a way on how Buck can make it up to him.

At the night club, one of the dancers goes to Snapdragon regarding a man in the champagne room looking to sell the Ultron head. She goes to pay this man a visit with a katana drawn but Buck greets her. He is tired of working for Moon Knight and wants to escape this city. To validate his possession, he gives Snapdragon a piece of the Ultron head tech to her so she can bring to her boss. Twenty Million or he will go to Hydra by midnight. To Count Nefaria’s annoyance, this draws him out to the club. Nefaria grabs Buck by the collar and threatens him but he sticks to his story. Nefaria asks for the head and Buck provides. Using his power, he shatters the head; vibranium does not break. From the sky Moon Knight emerges and strikes down Nefaria. By cracking the head, Nefaria releases a pollen that temporary renders his powers useless. Moon Knight uses this window to lay a few blows but the powers eventually remerge and Nefaria flies away. Moon Knight has a conversation with Steve, Peter, and Logan on how they failed, but from a distance, Maya is recording Marc’s body movement as he is clearly talking to someone not seen.

Solicit Synopsis

With Moon Knight tearing up Los Angeles it was only a matter of time before the Avengers came to see what exactly he's doing and how exactly is he doing it. For real. Will the Avengers be the help that Moon Knight needs to finally unravel the mystery of the kingpin of Los Angeles?!

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