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Quote1.png I was wrong. I can't do it by myself. I never could. I was afraid of the things I'd done. I was afraid of who I was. I thought I had to make a new version of myself. But you're right. Both of you. If we're going to fix things... we're going to have to do it together. Quote2.png
Mr. Knight / Marc Spector to Steven Grant and Jake Lockley

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Synopsis for "Knight Feeders"

Prowling the night, Moon Knight finds little action until he comes under attack while perched by the Nemean, pouncing with the strength and ferocity of his namesake. In his mind, Marc Spector deliberates with Steven Grant and Jake Lockley, who bring up their tenuous agreement with Marc as dominant. Steven brings up his refusal to stand by after Marc's nearly crossing a line, while Jake would've liked to have killed Zodiac but opposed doing such in front of Reese.[1] Steven notes it was Marc's agreement that kept them in fragile balance, that the three personalities worked in unison to takedown Khonshu and also The Sun King, Ernst, and The Société. When Steven asks what happened, Marc brings up the Age of Khonshu which had him betray the Avengers and conquered Earth for their insane moon god, hating himself as it proved Moon Knight cannot be trusted since "he's crazy." His actions caused Marlene & Diatrice to run away from him and so too everyone else he ever kept close, so Marc needed to take charge on the split identities to show people that Moon knight wasn't crazy, to rebuild his image with the Midnight Mission.

Despite Marc's warning, Steven states that Marc's controlling their condition is a non-issue and Jake chimes in noting therapy with Dr. Andrea Sterman was just so Marc stayed in charge. Marc assures them he's in control having built something new and the Midnight Mission is his, so Marc must continue the image of normalcy for the sake of those under his protection; especially if someone like the Punisher is calling him crazy. In real time, Nemean's armor deflects and counters Moon Knight's Crescent Darts, his claw gloves breaking the hero's armor with each strike and he countering Moon Knight's attacks with agility. In his mind, Jake comments that he doesn't think they're crazy, except Steven given what he spends on suits, saying that "crazy" is what everyone labels whatever they don't take the time to understand, and they should be a team. But Marc cannot chance it as the Avengers under Black Panther are watching him now so their condition is a liability, but Steven asks if their problems ever stemmed from his D.I.D. as Steven never cut off Bushman's face and Jake didn't takedown the Avengers.

Both personas state they have only ever tried to help Marc even now, so the only person taking him down is himself. So Marc argues he needs to be in control of his life whether or not they care, so Steven notes that all the money that he made was lost by Marc's willful sacrifice and Jake notes that all the friends he made were lost by Marc's actions. Marc angrily counters that he has a way of gaining capital and he never wanted friends or love, which is how he always wins. Jake scoffs since the three identities share one brain and notes how others that joined his Mission can see through his lie of being unloved, nobody born can lie to him including Marc. As Moon Knight falls off the roof and survives the landing, situating himself after the fall only to notice too late that he is crept upon by Grand Mal. Catching her hand, it proves fruitless as she still touches him gently on his backhand, sending him into a grand mal seizure, just like her namesake. Jake Lockley refutes Marc's assertion as everyone wants to be loved but Marc is afraid he'll ruin a good thing and hate himself while blaming Steven and Jake.

As Marc insists he is unafraid, Steven asks his motives for not telling Reese of his D.I.D. and Marc claims it is because they need each other. Spasming on the rooftop, Moon Knight recovers swift enough to catch Grand Mal's attempted beating on him before his momentary turnover is undone by Nemean's arrival to aid Grand Mal. Marc states Reese is good for him since his "friends" are either super heroes or ex-Hydra or a rival Fist, while she is normal and managing a condition, aspirational for Marc. Steven asks if he fears telling her will scare her away, but Marc counters what if she doesn't and describes their characters, as why would anyone want Marc Spector when they would rather be around the other two. Steven affirms neither he nor Jake sought to take from his life, but Marc notes Jake's fantasy strippers have Marlene's face, and Jake counters that Marc wasn't the only one to love her. Marc claims he can manage but Steven counters asking why he's losing, and observed Reese doesn't fight nor seek to cure her vampirism, but takes it as her new normal.

Steven and Jake remind Marc of their promise to live with who they are, reminding him of the words he said for how he is to be Moon Knight, equating him as fighting at one-third capacity needing to pull the weapon from the sheath. Jake even points out that Marc has no idea who his new opponents are, thus is why they're overpowering him and Marc admits he can't win. With Nemean's strength and Grand Mal's touch, Moon Knight is unable to neither touch nor tackle his opponent duo as they overwhelm him. In new conclusion, Marc admits he was wrong and that he never could do what he needed to do alone, admitting to being afraid of past deeds and who he was, the motive for his reinvented mission.[2] In timely fashion, Hunter's Moon and Tigra arrive to help Moon Knight, while Marc admits to both his personas that they need to work together to fix things. The villainous pair make a tactical retreat with their odds changing against them, and the heroic duo attend to Moon Knight laid low on the rooftop.

Solicit Synopsis

The scars of Zodiac's attack linger with the faithful of the Midnight Mission, but that doesn't stop Moon Knight from picking an entirely new fight. A new arc begins as Moon Knight goes to war with the vampires of the Structure, but he finds it a battle on two fronts – one on the midnight streets, and the other within his own mind!


  • For distinction between the personas, each name received a colored narration caption boxes: Marc in green, Steven in blue, and Jake in red.

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