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Quote1.png My brain is Moon-silvered, lunatic, cratered with a god's fingerprints. The deep structures of my mind have been irreversibly changed by communion with an ultraterrestrial intelligence. This is my poisoned ground. This is my temple. But I take my weaknesses and turn them to my advantage. I take my scars... and make of them my weapons. Quote2.png
Moon Knight

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Synopsis for "Strings"

At the Midnight Mission, Mr. Knight and Reese have an evening snack discussing possessed elderly folk attacking random when a bloodied man arrives having been attacked outside by a group of the elderly. Their guest, named "Soldier", informs Mr. Knight of details to the attack, concluded as a deviation to the pattern, and attests his own mother among attackers who were all fellow tenants in his building. As Mr. Knight continues first aid, Reese's vampirism grows thirsty from the sight of Soldier's blood and worriedly leaves. Soldier leads Mr. Knight to his apartment block to questioning his mother and pass by the janitor, Hawley, whom Mr. Knight immediately suspects and is proven correct when Hawley reveals himself and his being employed to destroy Mr. Knight.

As Hawley explained his ability to control people with his sweat, Mr. Knight deduced he tampered with the building's water supply to thusly control all the elderly tenants, the only ones vulnerable to the diluted contaminant. Unable to harm manipulated bystanders, a stand-off ensues and and Soldier gets his gun while under Hawley's bewitchment, leaving Mr. Knight alone against the mob. Using logic, Mr. Knight convinces Hawley to challenges him to a duel by volunteering to defy the janitor's mind controlling powers. Intrigued, Hawley gives Mr. Knight a sample of uncut sweat is scraped onto a crescent dart, much to the insane joy of the villain anticipating the chaos he could use Moon Knight for. However, Mr. Knight ingests the sweat and Hawley slowly unravelled within the Moon Knight's mindscape, unprepared for his dissociative identity disorder and mental rewiring from Khonshu's previous patronage.

In the real world, Hawley is left a mad mess and this allowed all building tenants to be reverted back to their normal selves. Once Mr. Knight returns to the Midnight Mission, he finds Reese being helped by Terry to clean the blood. Once Terry leaves, they discuss how they’ve both been rewritten in different ways, and is quite understanding of her new standing given his own changes: Mr. Knight’s brain rebuilt as Khonshu’s weapon, Reese’s physiology was rewritten to become a vampiric bloodthirsty killer. But now, despite those crutches, they can instead be used against their enemies in turning weakness into strength. As Reese appreciates his candor, lurking in the shadows across the street lies the Hunter's Moon stalking the Moon Knight.

Solicit Synopsis

Moon Knight has established his territory, and the people within it are under the protection of his Midnight Mission. But what happens when those very people are turned into weapons against him? When gangs of elderly residents leave a trail of bizarre violence, Moon Knight must put his body, mind and very soul on the line to get to the bottom of it.

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