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Quote1.png Even a man has two fists, Marc Spector. How arrogant must you be to assume a god, our god, would only have one. Quote2.png
Hunter's Moon

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Synopsis for "Two-Fisted"

In session with Dr. Andrea Sterman, a perplexed Mr. Knight / Moon Knight (Marc Spector) exposits that he may have an enemy, although Andrea believes he would have many enemies given his station. He voices this concern given how Leonard Hawley spoke of a patron aiming to "break" him, with Marc disliking antagonists moving against him behind the scenes. While he confirms fewer than she might think, she also lists some enemies including Marc's previous therapist, Elisa Warsame, but he tells her that he fears himself to be this enemy.

At the Midnight Mission, Reese asks why Moon Knight didn't kill her for being a vampire, or her friends - Ted, Ben and Shannon. He explains it was her when she pled for mercy, and he realized an error in his judgement as he protects travelers at night. While he brings violence, it is only for what someone does not what the person is, and Reese was a victim made vampire by her abductors like her friends were, thus he killed the men for their crimes. Inquiring her reasoning, Reese reveals one of the six Crescent darts pulled from Ted's arm the night before when Marc was running a lead, prying if it is his. Marc voices she knows it wasn't him, peacefully resolving her fears and affirming that the rumors she heard about him, but curious who used the crescent dart.

Out on patrol, Moon Knight seeks out whomever attacked someone under his protection. Performing a routine mic-check, Reese reports her and Ted's safety at the mission with Soldier and Terry for company, bunkered in for security. But as Moon Knight readies to acknowledge, he is blindsided by Hunter's Moon, the other Fist of Khonshu. Recognizing the voice as Dr. Badr and restating that he is Khonshu's fist, Hunter's Moon reminds him that even men has two fists. Misunderstanding Hunter's Moon as his secret enemy, his opponent voices that Moon Knight is already broken. As a doctor, Hunter's Moon works to fix the broken, aiming to fix Marc's path under Khonshu as a colleague. Bringing up Hawley, the perplexed Hunter's Moon voices that he doesn't fight through proxies, but affirms he did attack Ted for being a vampire to get Moon Knight's attention.

Reminding Moon Knight that vampires stalked humans at "Khonshu's night", they have since been sworn enemies of Khonshu's Fists, their responsibility to hunt and Moon Knight protects them. Both crash land in an alley, Marc's savage fight style offends Hunter's Moon more than his protecting vampires, moving akin to an animal instead of the skill and prowess of past servants of Khonshu. Asking if the memories of past Moon Knights were not given to him, Marc surprises Hunter's Moon before telling him of Khonshu simply reviving him with brain damage and giving him his duty. Fed up, Hunter's Moon intercepts Marc's drop kick to body slam him, realizing he is more broken than first thought, resolving to remove his distractions so he is fit for duty under Khonshu.

At the Midnight Mission, Hunter's Moon besieges it and disarms Terry and Soldier promptly. Finding Marc's "congregation" growing, he explains his aim to thin out Moon Knight's "cult" who have made him soft, and he'll be on the right path according to Khonshu once they're gone. However, Marc recovered fast enough to surprise Hunter's Moon with a baseball bat to the back of his head, berating Hunter's Moon for having the memories of past Fists downloaded into his brain. But as Hunter's Moon never earned those skills or memories, while suffered to learn his skills and experience, Hunter's Moon was still just doctor Badr dancing in borrowed shoes.

As Hunter's Moon calls him a fool, Moon Knight agrees as he will let his foe live, warning him never to attack any under his protection no matter who or what they are. Advising Hunter's Moon to kill him for good next time, because when he inevitably returns, he'll replicate Osiris's fate upon him and nobody will find every piece of his remnants. Removing him from the Midnight Mission, Moon Knight sends Hunter's Moon on his way, reminding him to avoid his attention lest he become more interesting upon their future encounter.

Solicit Synopsis

An apostate priest, Moon Knight has taken on Khonshu's duty as his own. To the people he protects, this is a blessing. To Hunter's Moon, this is sacrilege. It is no small thing, to betray a god and take on his role. And when the Fist of Khonshu offers shelter to vampires, the ancient enemies of the Moon God? The Moon Knight requires correction, and Hunter's Moon will bring him back to the right path — whatever it might take.


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