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Quote1.png You want to know the real reason I always wear the mask? It's so I don't have to look myself in the face. Quote2.png
Moon Knight

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Synopsis for "Blackmail"

Sleeping in his sarcophagus, Mr. Knight / Moon Knight (Marc Spector) begrudgingly gets up at 6 a.m. when his alarm goes off. He begins his session at 7 a.m. with Dr. Andrea Sterman, asking why he wears a mask each time. Countering that she is a specialist in "superhuman menticide" with other patients wearing masks too, she answers that he isn't wrong but each patient is unique. So he answers that he wears the mask so as not to be Marc Spector, unrelated to his D.I.D but rather because people want Moon Knight instead of his civilian identity. The Moon Knight is a revived night stalker of justice, his mask completes that ensemble of vestments, same as any costume, with the suit or shroud being what the dead wear.

Elsewhere, Rampage (Stuart Clarke) calls his mystery employer to inform him that his setup in Brooklyn is done, but the computers run hot without the air con, so he had to open a window to cool off while a loud festival was ongoing outside. The mystery caller starts recounting his failed partnerships with the Punisher and Jigsaw, before telling Clarke to calm down and praises his new villain venture. Clarke, having looked into the Steven Grant alias for Moon Knight, finds millions in funding and plans to take it all to render his operation inert. After all, according to Clarke, the only reason he keeps coming back is because there's nothing worse than being a normal guy.

At 9 a.m. in the Midnight Mission, as Marc and Reese ponder his mystery enemy, Greer Nelson surprises Marc with a visit having heard about his new office space. Introducing her to Reese, Greer pokes fun at his "Mr. Knight" name, telling Reese his name is Marc and to find his (not-so) secret identity on IMDB when Marc talks about the mask protecting his identity. As they snark, Clarke calls Moon Knight to tell him he now holds hostage his Steven Grant accounts, showing his severity by vanishing one million dollars. Putting him on speaker, Moon Knight acknowledges but replies he can barely hear him, still complying with his assignment to attack Jigsaw's pool house. Meeting the gangster, Moon Knight informs him Stuart Clarke sent him and that he'll deal with Clarke when he gets to him, but for now won't mind beating up Jigsaw.

Later, Clarke finds he cannot call Moon Knight and is shocked to find him in the window. Explaining that Reese looked up community festivals to narrow down his location, an also present Tigra helped with hunting him down. As Clarke systematically takes chunks of the funding with every step Moon Knight takes, he repeatedly reminds Clarke of his position as a Khonshu Priest, letting him panic further with every dollar he erases. Uncaring to wealth, Moon knight seizes Clarke to tell him how no wealthy priest has ever been good, ready to deliver his divine retribution.

At midnight later that day, Marc and Greer are sitting on a rooftop when she brings up that his behavior is different than their old days on the Avengers, asking he open up. Marc admits how he's made many mistakes since the old days, with his loved ones either dead or hating him, having carved crescents in criminal's foreheads and ashamed at helping Khonshu against the Avengers in a failed bid for global conquest.[1] Angry he betrayed every friend in the Avengers on the order of his insane moon god, and at himself as his actions were an endangerment to his daughter so her mother took her overseas to get away from him.

Since everyone was asking about his mask all day, Marc tells Greer the real reason he wears it is so he won't have to look himself in the face; bandaged, beaten, and bruised all over. Greer comforts her long time friend, wanting to spend time with him so his only company isn't an angsty teen vampire who doesn't like him. Explaining that she has free time while her son is off on an inter-dimensional field-trip with his crèche-group, Marc is oddly interested in that story and asks if it is as long as it sounds. Replying that it is much longer, Greer is happy to tell it with plenty of time left until the sun comes up.

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From waking till midnight, Moon Knight’s life is filled with peril. A mysterious foe attacks from a new and unexpected direction, an old friend comes to visit and Moon Knight finds himself answering the same question over and over again: “Why do you wear the mask?” Featuring a guest appearance from the striped sensation Tigra!


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