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Quote1.png Well, the mood I'm in... there's not going to be much on the streets tonight scarier than me. Quote2.png
Mr. Knight / Moon Knight (Marc Spector)

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Synopsis for "Horoscope"

Then: In Dr. Andrea Sterman's office for a session, she raises concerns that Marc isn;t being truthful as he builds a playing cards pyramid. While he assures her he's had no dissociative episodes in weeks, she interjects to clarify that D.I.D. episodes increase with stress and Marc's recent history has amplified his amount of stress and she feels he has been dishonest with her; his cards collapsing at the comment.

Andrea cites his charisma, which means he would be excellent at hiding his true intentions, that Marc would colorfully evade her questions during sessions to elude the point. Dismissive, she challenges by asking if he ever truly answered her honestly, and he then lets her ask: 'why is he so unhappy?'

Retorting about his mission, Andrea calls him out noting his portrayal of his Moon Knight persona. Feeling insulted, Andrea demands he answer for real. Bringing up his Rabbi father being a gentle man, he wasn't a gentle boy, and grew to hate him for his pacifism and finding God to be indifferent to the suffering of his people with the history of the Jews from history into modern day.

While his father believed it was the perseverance of their people that was their greatest strength, Marc didn't and was more accepting of Khonshu who directly interacted with him with promises of action. She doesn't blame Marc for choosing to live, but reflecting on his father's pacifism, he notes how his father would have died before acknowledging another god.

Marc sees himself as being the weak one, selling out all he believed in to save himself. That his father's God saved the Jews from Egypt, but Marc's new god had kept them there. He regrets his choice everyday, having lost so many loved ones to death and that the lucky ones live to hating him. With Khonshu's failed global conquest[1], he didn't help a soul and now he is alone blaming himself for having lost what few people were left in his life.

Thus, he takes his duties as Khonshu's fist seriously, as he has nothing left to himself. Without the Moon Knight name, he's just Marc Spector who makes the wrong choice every time. Having rejected his faith and heritage, brought harm to untold scores of people, now drowning in guilt, he is unsurprised he developed D.I.D. as he would rather be anyone else than his real identity.

Now: Marc is greeted by Reese upon return to the Midnight Mission, reminding her to call him "Mr. Knight" before she directs him to see Terry in his office, not sure what has him troubled. Seeing him, Terry stammers to confess he found that the hidden adversary after Moon Knight is Soldier.

Breaching the room, Terry tells Moon Knight that he saw Soldier come in one night despite his living at his mother's. Inside, they find surveillance gear directed at the Midnight Mission to monitor everything therein, as Moon Knight also finds an old photo of Soldier with Hydra tattoos.

Patrolling, an uncertain Moon Knight ponders if Soldier is former or undercover Hydra with Reese on comms, asking she call Tigra for additional protection, adamant despite her dismissal and she complies. Finding Soldier's mom, he talks with her for a while before getting an alert at the mission, later infiltrating it from the sewers only to find Soldier badly beaten and chained to the radiator.

As Soldier warns him about a trap, the mysterious voice gives an ultimatum on a left behind radio: escape and live to prove he's a phony, or die trying to save ex-Hydra trash. While Soldier wants Moon Knight to leave him, but Marc refuses given his recent encounter with Soldier's mother. Ordering he pull the chain, Moon Knight uses a micro plasma torch to slowly cut through the reinforced chain.

As the caller maddeningly taunts, Moon Knight eventually cuts the chain barely in time to save Soldier through the sewer entrance. With the mission destroyed from the bomb explosion, Moon Knight is worn out and finds his stalker outside waiting for him, Terry. Admitting he underestimated Moon Knight, Terry gleefully states he'll find fun in what he does next. As Moon Knight calls out to Terry, the man affirms such an identity to exist, as he is truly Zodiac.

Solicit Synopsis

Moon Knight's hidden enemy is revealed — but revealed is not the same as caught, and he soon finds masks beneath masks as he hunts his way after his new nemesis. At the same time, Dr. Andrea Sterman pierces Moon Knight's own mask and, for the first time, gets some honest answers.

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