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Quote1.png I am still not certain whether you are fit for your title. I am not certain that I even like you at all. But all the same: We are brothers. Quote2.png
Dr. Badr

Appearing in "Horoscope, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Horoscope, Part 2"

Exhausted and damaged from the explosion, Moon Knight's promise of killing Zodiac are actually encouraged by the villain. But as Moon Knight warns that should he die he'll return, Zodiac reveals he doesn't want to kill Marc, but rather break him so that he can "help" him as Zodiac sees fit. As Zodiac is berating Moon Knight about his addiction to his own hypocrisy, Reese runs to the door of Dr. Badr begging his reluctant help as he is also a Moon Knight like Marc.

As Zodiac finishes beating up Marc, he plans to horribly murder Soldier as "motivation", but Hunter's Moon arrives to stop him. While Zodiac admits he couldn't have prepared for Hunter's Moon, he must leave promising to kill Badr too and triggers a small explosion to cover his escape. As Marc awakens from a dream meeting Khonshu, he is surprised to see Dr. Badr treating his injuries, who explains that they are brothers under Khonshu despite their differences. As Marc passes out again, Dr. Badr tells of his original view of Marc as broken was not an insult but an observation.

Marc enters his dreamscape as Moon Knight to see Badr's life told as he tells it. Badr was born in Luxor, Egypt to doctor parents and excelling in academics. However, he never felt a spiritual connection to God, even after reading various religious texts, a lacking connection which worried him. He questioned why he didn't have a spiritual connection like everyone else, but followed the practices to hide his lacking. But one night, a pack of Vampires killed him by draining all his blood and Khonshu saved his life, giving him that understanding of divine purpose.

With finding a spiritual connection, Dr. Badr hated Marc for abandoning his. But his opinion changed when Reese petitioned him for help, despite his want to eradicate vampires, thus his own self-beliefs about himself and Marc were challenged. Finishing a Rite of Khonshu, Marc is put in a sarcophagus and recovers by next moon rise, albeit in pain. While Dr. Badr again voices his indecision of Marc's status as Moon Knight, he still acknowledges that they are brothers under Khonshu.

Exiting the clinic, Reese and Greer greet Marc after awaiting his recovery with him acknowledging Reese's bravery to call on Dr. Badr. Admitting that she had to ask because of Terry's rampage, Marc corrects her that Terry was but a mask, and swears to find him as he continues his Midnight Mission. As people on the block welcome Marc back, Soldier thanks him for everything despite him now knowing his dirty past and swears to be always be there for him going forward.

With the the mission's building now ash, Moon Knight refuses to quit, awaiting Zodiac should he come for him again. Taking a seat in his charred office, Moon Knight takes a seat and reaffirms his mantle and declares he isn't going anywhere.

Solicit Synopsis

Beaten, bloody, his world burning down around him—this was how the Moon Knight was born. And now it’s happening all over again. Outmaneuvered, outgunned, out-planned, Moon Knight’s mysterious enemy has strode out of the shadows to strike—and when this villain strikes, they strike true. At the mercy of a maniac, will Moon Knight die yet again?

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